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Replacing XP Components (explorer.exe)...


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I'm looking to minimalize xp by replacing some of it's built in tools with less bloated ones. I'm thinking I will use litestep as the shell and explorerxp as a file manager.

But both are almost as consumptive as their MS counterparts. Does anyone have a favorite small file manager or other anything else they've replaced standard ms components for?

I mean if I have them both running it can take up even more resources than just running one explorer process (it doubling as my shell and file manager).

Is this a fruitless endevor or is there a real way to come out on top by going with ms alternatives?

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bblean... give it a few days and u'll never look back :P

explorer shell replacement. u can still use explorer as a file manager (also see xplorer2lite) alongside with it though. afaik not meant to be slipstreamed as windows would be crippled if explorer would be removed totally

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