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Updating Norton antivirus 2005 silently?


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The problem with Norton issue is that have been discussed endlessly which cause confusion for many people which one is final and where to read and one of them is me...

i did search and research before posting!...

i tried copying and make sfx from the Virusdefinition folder found after installing and updating my system but the problem with that is i don't know why after i install it silently and i add that virus definition to its place after i make liveupdate i'm having errorrs from symentec concerning liveupdate... :no:

any helo!

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With Symantec you can always find why it happened.

Write down error numbers,go to Symantec, find your product, type your error number , and read why it happend.

After all fix what you did wrong.

good luck

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I found this out the hard way and if you dig hard enough, you should have come across it in a couple of those NAV related posts... but many ppl (including myself) have reported issues when attempting to download the latest virus definitions manually and extracting them, rather than getting them via live update directly.

My suggestion is to not even bother with silently installing updated virus definitions... for a few reasons actually.

1. within about 3 days theyre just going to be outdated anyway... and you def dont want to be making a new UACD everytime new updates come out.

2. even if you get the latest and greatest virus updates, there are still other components (WMI Update, NAV Engine Update, etc) that you cant download manually and apply.. which means updated virus defs or no, youre still going to need to run live update after NAV installs.

3. it causes issues with the overall install... dunno why, but again many have posted issues with doing so, so the 30 seconds of downloading updates really not worth the headaches of troubleshooting the issue.

hope this helps!!

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in regards to updating virus defs ... it's really quite simple.

1. Go here: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...ges/US-N95.html

2. Download file named something like: 20050602-024-i32.exe

3. Name file whatever you want. Example: SARC.EXE

4. Use simple switches to update defs silently. Example: SARC.EXE /qn

The above switch will update it completely silent. I use that on our customer's computers at work. It really helps out when scanning for viruses. I just make sure to update sarc.exe once a week.

edit: In case I wasn't clear enough, this is ONLY for updating VIRUS DEFINITIONS. Nothing more. ;)

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Thx Dumpy Dooby!

as u said: It really helps out when scanning for viruses

Just a little clarification if it's possible: what is the difference between 20050602-024-i32.exe and 20050602-024-x86.exe

i usually download the second one maybe because it's bigger so i don't know...

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The first one uses is only for corporate clients and home users.

The second one is used on server machines for various corporate editions of Symantec products, as well as clients.

Unless you're running NAV7.6 CE Server (or another CE Server product), it's pointless to run the second one.

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