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Charging system


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hey dudes,

I want to know answer for a question.. :D

Is it adviseble to charge any "Hand held " devices like PDA, rechargable batteries of any electronic gadgets daily without its charge getting drained completly?

That too in particular to "Mobile phones"! Becoz the excess charge may lead to any disorder? :no:

though now a days cell phones come with intelligent charge tracking system,still older electronic gadgets may cause havoc due to excess dissipation of charge into the device! :realmad:




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Usually the rechargeable batteries have to be charged completely before using for the first time and then drained completely, after that again charged to the full and then use it as you like.

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so raza,

can i take like this in a simpler way...

charge mobile batteries (say) only when the battery drains and say

"buddy i cant connect u to any one at this position even if u have nokia....." :P

am i right!

if yes i have won a bet with my brother...

(say s man ..i will give half the bet ...) :D


thanks and regards,


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2otsoo: Well, you nor your brother didnt won :) It depends on battery type - older bateries (NiMh for example) had problems with something called "memory effect". They "remembered" the last charged level, so if you didnt absolutely drain them and then maximaly charge them, they capacity will lower over time.

However new batteries like LiPol have cell system, where it is better if you charge them as often as possible.

So it depends on device power management (smart charging) and on battery type.

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