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cmdlines.txt ignores some lines

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I would like to know why cmdlines calls some files but not all of them, i wrote the following in it.

"REGEDIT /S regtweaks.reg"
"REGEDIT /S Notepad2.reg"
"netfx.msi /q"
"KB890830.exe /q"
"KB887472.exe /q"
"MsnMsgs.msi /q"

Only first, second and fifth are installed, what`s wrong?, before i added third and sixth lines everything worked.

If anybody knows what`s happening?


EDITED: Maybe i had changed the order of the lines when i added the third and sixth lines, because i did a new cmdlines.txt file.

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Trying to solve my problem i have realized that it may be due to windows installer v2; i don`t find w.i. v1, so i`m not sure of that, but i remember been able to install .msi files from cmdlines before i slipstreamed windows installer v2.

If anybody knows something about it...


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