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Unattend.txt and [GuiRunOnce]

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I have a WinINSTALL based client reset sys. It may be that, that is the problem, but I am only aloud to have 1 dir with i386 and different unattend.txt files for each pc.

I added [GuiRunOnce] to the bottom of the unattend.txt file but it wont build as it says I have a error.

The section is as follows:



The dir is in the $OEM$ so it *should* work.

Just wondered if anyone could confirm it should work and its wininstall or if I am doing something stupid.


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Found a solution. It was a wininstall issue. Did not like certain variables.

Had to use a few mods to get it to work.

Sorry for wasting your time everyone and thanks for trying.

God I love this forum :D

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Glad you got it working. I was going to suggest that you make sure your "install" directory was in the "$1" directory inside of the "$OEM$" directory. ;)


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