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  1. Hi I am a noobie with c# in VS 2005 but I have done some ASP.NET using c#. The background: I have a program that links into MySQL (MSSQL is **** expensive) using a reference called MySQLdriverCS (freeware). I can connect to the db and retrieve a datatable succesfully using this addon. Now once its retrieved and the using speficies a csv file it will compare the csv import (using another addon) with the datatable. This all works as it should thankfully, so then I compare the results from both to determine if there is a new department that needs to have data set (as in the csv has the name of a dep the db does not know about). The comparison then builds another datatable with all the relevant new deparments in there that need to have extra information queried from the user. I then pass this as a datatable parameter into the new form. Once the datatable is there it is bound to into a bindingsource which is then linked to a bindingnavigator and finally linked into the form elements with the following (repeated 3 times for 3 different fields): DEP_name.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text", this.SETS_bsource, "dep_id", true)); The problem: I can switch between records using the bindingnavigator but when I edit a field I can no longer switch records. I know that I need to do something to put the data back into mysql but I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Is my idea of this app flawed and if so how do you recommend doing what I need. Thanks for all the advice
  2. Yeh that was it (Allow it to bring the pc up from standby) Does windows shut down the card on hibernate? How long does it wait? Cheers again
  3. Hi Got a Dell GX620 (new this year) and I have enabled WOL in the bios. WOL works fine if you shut the machine down and the NIC stays active (LED is on) but when I hibernate the machine the NIC shuts down. Any ideas? Is WOL Hibernate even possible? Cheers
  4. Interesting concept there. Yeh all users are domain based. Going to have a look around. Got a bluetooth dongle here and its software bi-passes policies etc when installing on a machine before sp2 (MS would not sign drivers to work on SP1 as it was unsupported).
  5. LOL I ran the exe went into windows hardware. clicked update drivers linked to drivers it said they were unsigned and came with the usual confirm screen I installed them I used task manager to close the exe. What is the correct order? Cheers again for the help
  6. Sadly it does not appear to work. I confirmed the registry keys after using the exe but when I manually try to install the drivers I still get the dialog. Will do some more research but it aint looking good
  7. Found the file at: http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/drivers/cd.htm Will post my progress
  8. is that in windows? Where could I get this? Cheers for the help man Your a life saver
  9. The group policy setting dont work. And we dont want to have to do this to tons of pc's the whole time. Cheers
  10. Hi Not sure if this has been asked yet but here goes. We have a new web cam we want to deploy via Active Directory. I have a msi package for it but because our users are not admins they can not install the unsigned drivers it requires. Is there anyway to sign them myself? Or is there a tool that allows me to bi-pass this requirement of windows? Cheers
  11. Hi Cheers for link but found that already.
  12. Hi We are trying to setup a 9 pc firewire network but we seem to be limited to having only 2 pc's working. The rest report that they are disconnected from the network which is strange as even if no devices are plugged into a firewire card it usually reports its still connected. We have done manual configuring of the ip address but it still does not work. We are running SP2 on all the machines. Anyone got any ideas/tips? Cheers
  13. Found a solution. It was a wininstall issue. Did not like certain variables. Had to use a few mods to get it to work. Sorry for wasting your time everyone and thanks for trying. God I love this forum
  14. Hmm. Still get a syntax error on line 101 (the txt file only has 98 lines and the command is line 98) Here is it now: [GuiRunOnce] command0="c:\install\gx270\runonce.cmd" (LINE 98)
  15. Hi I have a WinINSTALL based client reset sys. It may be that, that is the problem, but I am only aloud to have 1 dir with i386 and different unattend.txt files for each pc. I added [GuiRunOnce] to the bottom of the unattend.txt file but it wont build as it says I have a error. The section is as follows: [GuiRunOnce] "c:\install\gx270\runonce.cmd" The dir is in the $OEM$ so it *should* work. Just wondered if anyone could confirm it should work and its wininstall or if I am doing something stupid. Cheers
  16. Gotcha. Will have a look. BTW mate tried to add you to my msn messenger btw if you got a request
  17. LOL I cant find Jack on MS site. But then again I do hate the MS site Any relevant links in your bookmarks m8? Cheers for the help btw
  18. How do you do it then m8? As long as its RIS I am prepared to try any methords. We also have a trial of WinInstall as well if you use that. Cheers
  19. Thats the thing. Its in the same dir as i386 as $OEM$ but the $1\Install dir is not created on the pc. Does it auto delete? Do I need anything else in riprep.sif? This really pishing me off lol I will try m8
  20. Hey guys, I am having a hard time with my ris stuff right now. I took over from someone that left and I am having to learn alot from scratch. I have been trying to get it to create a Install dir in the root of the install drive and a file into prog files\intel\wireless\autoimport (need to stick the setting for WiFi in there). I have checked though after the box has built but none of the files/dirs exist. The dirs are in the same level as i386. Anyone got any ideas? Also the main reason I am doing this is because I want to have the intel wireless autorun app load only once after the machine is built to allow the import of the settings but never run again. RunOnce reg key do it or RunOnceEx? Best way to implement (as my CMDLINES.txt with REG ADD dont seem to work)? Cheers P.S. could a admin create a RIS forum in the unattended section, would just make life easier riprep.sif partial dump ----------------------------- [data] floppyless = "1" msdosinitiated = "1" OriSrc = "\\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%" OriTyp = "4" LocalSourceOnCD = 1 DisableAdminAccountOnDomainJoin = 1 [unattended] OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes FileSystem = LeaveAlone ExtendOEMPartition = 0 TargetPath = \WINDOWS InstallFilesPath = "\\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%" LegacyNIC = 1 END -------- Note: There is no [GuiRunOnce] Section
  21. Cheers for all your suggestions guys. Going to look into them all next week
  22. Hi I need a free ISO editor that will allow me to create a iso from some files and make it bootable. Also it would be nice if it supported DVD as I want to repackage some stuff on CD and put it on DVD with extra files. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  23. Hi We are needing to create a secure computer for usage in a exam. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/progs that may help. We have a AD network currently and would like one user (such as examuser) to boot only word (xp version) and not have access to there start menu. I was thinking about replacing explorer.exe but not sure where it is in the registry. Cheers for the ideas

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