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Ipods - which would u buy


Which Ipod Would you Buy?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Ipod Would you Buy?

    • 4gb /mp3
    • 6gb /mp3
    • 20gb /mp3
    • 40gb /mp3
    • 30gb photo
    • 60gb photo
    • hp 20gb mp3/wma
    • hp 40gb mp3/wma
    • hp 30gb photo/mp3/wma
    • hp 60gb photo/mp3/wma

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None, there a total rip off for what you get, there are other models around!!

I would never touch a Creative product in my life again. My first mp3 player was a Creative MuVo2 and it was a pain in the a**. Also Creative offer the WORST customer service I have ever seen in any field of the industry and a poor 3 month garantee.

As far as im aware Creative offer EXCELLENT service, been in the field a long time, never had a problem with creative, got a creative sound card, sound system, mp3 player...had to deal with support once, they were excellent, no coem backs, quick response...no complaints here :P

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ipods rule! i love my ipod photo 30gb

when i go shopping with my wife. I dont have to listen to her complain anymore.

And when she ignores me, I can just listen to my tunes and audiobooks


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Itunes upgrade to 2.9 version. Cool!

Blam-O! can u afford an ipod?

Yah I could go buy a $400.00 ipod, and spend some money on those nice accys to go with it...., but Id rather go to Six Flags and spend $8 on a hotdog!

I really like the iRiver Series, they are very expensive and can't hold that much - 1GB total, but I have a 512MB series, they have the best sound and features. IMO!!!!!!!! :thumbup


Hate Club, :lol:

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