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NEW - K-Lite Mega Mega Codec Pack 1.31

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Sorry if I'm asking here however does somebody knows if I need to install mpeg2 mpeg2 decoder on windows xp?

Also what about the mp3 encoder/decoder included in the pack: are they better than windows ones?

and last but not last :P are all those ac3 codecs needed? do they do decode the same thing or are they used for different kind of files? (I saw that one is associated to the 3vix codec but what about the others?)

Thanks in advance :P

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2 differences with the old /saveinf (but the end file is the same):

- You don't have to install the codec pack to get the inf.

- You don't have to edit the inf file to delete categories (video, audio, real, quicktime...)

You don't need to install codecs to have silent.inf

You just need to write down couple lines of code for silent.inf to create it yourself and put all your requirements into. That's it, not more that 1 min of work.


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