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Microsoft Down


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Hey people;

Well, its been probably 3hours since I first saw this, but I cannot access ANY of microsoft's servers. That includes, *.microsoft.com, *.msn.com, www.hotmail.com, messenger server...

Tried pinging there servers, but cannot get a returned packet...

So, is this just a Me problem, or are other people seeing this too???

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Cool, dont know then...

Personally, I still cannot connect, and I tried to remote shell via sourceforge, and it couldn't connect there either... Slightly irritating, thats for sure... got to look into this more I guess, see whats wrong with my system...

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Dont know what the problem was, I had to reset both my router and AP, and now im able to access it just fine... Go figure... strange though, i was able to connect to every non-msoft related website just fine!


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