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Nokia 6600, 6670, 7610 - smartphones


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Considering that the only choices because of pricing is the 3 three Nokia smart-phone models mentioned here:


Which is the best one to go for? As in, value-for-money, etc.

Does going for a higher model justify the cost? I'm probably going to be a light-user of most of the higher-end features that these phones provide.

And how essential is bluetooth?

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Bluetooth is kind of an important connectivity in the mobile devices.You can use it to connect to other handhelds or printers also bluetooth enabled pc and laptops for data transfer.And from the above mentioned smartphones if I were u I would choose 6600.Low in price high in specs.

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Hi all,

I finally decided on getting the Nokia 3230 and am currently very happy with it.

It compares well against even the 7610. It does not look as stylish, but supports EDGE and FM Radio which the 7610 does not have, PLUS all the things that the 7610 DOES have. Its cheaper as well. Runs Symbian 7.0 and supports all standards one can dream of. Can run N-Gage games as well. Best possible package today!

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