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nightmare on USB street!


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Call me an evil bastard but I have no pity for people who run Win98 and buy new devices, especially USB based ones.

Afraid to upgrade to XP, how blindly paranoid are you?  You'd think after 2 service packs, one of them being the biggest, most tested SP Microsoft has ever deployed, would fix whatever paranoid delusions escuses you have for not running XP.

Even if I had an old 300mhz 128meg machine, I'd still prefer to run XP with the UI disabled than a 98 box.

why are you here then ?

i wouldn't go into an American football forum and start going on about why when only one guy kicks the ball is it called football, but then i'm not an arsehole.

the forum title is -

MSFN Forums > Microsoft Operating Systems Discussion & Support > Windows 95/98/98SE/ME > Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack


MSFN Forums > Microsoft Operating Systems Discussion & Support > Windows 95/98/98SE/ME > Please Tell Me To Buy XP


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I just heard from someone that excel's external and internal hardware are not worth thinking about, even if my system did use xp and I met all the other system requirements, both hardware and software are substandard and unreliable, the pricetag was only 99$. I tried the suggestion of running the 98 service pack update and then installing the usb drivers, but no go. It was then that I was in a chat room and came across someone who have had experience working with excel products.....

Hopefully by next week I will have taken it back to the shop and got my refund.

Thanks just the same though, you've been a great help.

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Hey again. I've heard about another usb card, this time it's a pinnacle usb2 pctv card. Does this work with windows 98se? do any of the pinnacle usb tv capture devices work with 98se? has anyone tried them? thanks

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Jeez, isn't that kind've mean? I mean, that's cold man!

The guy isn't asking whether he should upgrade his operating system. He's just trying to get the stuff he has to work right.

And, he mentions his disability and then you diss him like that's why he won't upgrade?

This whole forum helps folks who actually prefer 9x to be able to use it with modern hardware.

And, guess what? With the patch's it's quite secure and runs quicker and less buggy than NT. And, there's nothing wrong with running legacy software on OS's they're designed for either. Most new stuff runs just fine too.

I've got XP. Guess what I'm using? Windows 98SE.

Regardless, the reference made to the fella's disability was sick and rude.

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Sorry, mate, I don't have any experience with Pinnacle hardware.

The only external USB devices I'm using are a "NIC on a stick" [siemens SpeedStream ethernet 100/10] hooked up to my cable modem and a Logitech joystick [3D WingMan Extreme].

I'm afraid I can't help.


You need a serious attitude adjustment [and that's the nicest way to say this]. :no: :no: :no:

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You need a serious attitude adjustment [and that's the nicest way to say this]. :no: :no:  :no:

I apologize to the original poster in boatloads, I honestly quick read his post and had no idea he was blind. When I used the term "blindly paranoid" it was merely a figure of speach. It was a total coincidence, I swear!

I would never attack somebody with such tastelessness.

Edited by Rhelic
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People are entitled to their opinions. It would be a rather boring place if everyone had the same one. But I don't like XP. I really like 98SE. I've got XP on a laptop. It seems to run fairly smooth. I hated the fact of the whole verification back to MS thing. I loved it automatically detecting everything when I installed it on my desktop PC. It's not on there any longer tho' for obvious reasons(**** MS). I STILL like playing old games, and altho' I'm sure there are workarounds. It seems a hassle to try to get XP backwords compatible. For my 98SE I've dragged out the layout*.inf's into my install directory and redirected to a cab that has updated files, called sp2.cab. :D I've added my own .cab with files I like better. My system installs mostly updated. I also dragged out other .inf files and rewrote them a little, and added stuff to my add\remove (tweakui, spider, pinball to name a few). My system installs with the ME explorer.(I don't care to install IE so I just grabbed the files from the 867282 update) I know so far it seems off topic :whistle: , but if I can increase USB capability to "UPDATE" my system.... cool. If there was some way to improve the autodetection more like XP even better(updated driver database or sumsuch thing\would be handy for network cards, & monitor). I've been told that although the memory requirements are higher for XP, it's memory management is much better. Although I have XP and 98SE, I've done no tests, comparisons, what have you. I'm still usually on my 98SE. If it seems I've been rambling I apologize. If this seems the wrong thread, I think I've just crossed over a few of them.

Thanks much, Jaymo

P.S. It's good that foot-in-mouth syndrome is a temporary thing. I can respect a person who can point out their hastiness, and give an apology where due. (Most of us have probably been there.)

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