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Is EULA posted somewhere public?


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I was just introduced to this program, and, as a systems admin, I think it would be useful, but all the fury on the forums makes me wonder what is so hard to understand about an EULA? That, and why such apparently cryptic (or maybe id***-proof?) methods are required to secure what is in there...

Seems like overkill...I have to admit that I haven't read the EULA, obviously because I don't have a copy of the program....so I'm wondering if there is an EULA online. I searched Wraith's website (http://xplode.voidfx.com), and didn't find any kind of documentation. It's possible I missed it, but I would venture to say if I missed it and it's there, it isn't easy enough to access.

In short, my request is for some information.

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