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Problem of Restart Computer after Uploaded


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After I uploaded softwares for my laptop , and the computer applied me to restrart my laptop .But when i restarted my laptop the following message was coming up :"

" We apologize for the convenience,but windows did not start successfully,a recent hardware or software change might caused this.

If the computer stopped responding,restarted unexpectedly,or automatically shut down to protect your files and folders,choose Last Known Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.

If the previous startup attempt was interupted due to a power failure or because the Power and Reset Button were pressed.Or If you aren't sure what caused the problem,choose Start Window Normally.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode With Networking

Safe Mode With Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration ( Your most recent settings that worked )

Srart Window Normally

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choise.

Until Windows starts : 30 " "

The number 30 seconds wil count down to 0 and then my laptop automatically restarted again and again.And after each time ,this message was always coming up at a time.

And the welcome screen never appeared only once.

Anyone can help me with this one please show me.

Thanks in advance for anyhelp you might have.

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hi thanks for your suggestions.

i did it but it didn't work.

and i also did try anything.

i did try to choose Safe mode or Last Known Good Configuration....when that message came up but it didn't work.

Or even if i did press the F8 button repeatedly as soon as my laptop started.And also i chose Safe Mode as well.But the condition's still the same.After i chose Safe Mode my computer was automatically restarted again and that message came up again.

More over ,when trhe message came up and count down to 0,my laptop automatically restarted over again and again.It keep repeating the same condition like thatover time.I can not even turn off my computer.

Is there any other way i can solve it ?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks agian.

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You better hope you have a Bart's PE boot disk. If have it with a few free applicable plugins then you should be able to get to your HD and fix the problem. i.e. virus scan, removing programs from startup, etc. If you don't have anything like that then I hope you backed up your data.

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