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mcafee 9.0


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In that case it will be harder.

Mcafee works with the /S switch but there are two problems

1. The EULA

2. A Finish screen

Now I haven't tested this but I think you can make a batch like this:

cmdow @ /HID
@echo off

start D:\mcafee\setup.exe /S
Sleep 5
taskkill /IM EULA.exe /F
Sleep 60
taskkill /IM setup.exe /F

D = here the path to your network share

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i'm going to do installs on computers as slow as a P2 with 128MB RAM.

what do you recommend for reliable sleep timings??? (i'm guessing to double the amounts below?)



nevermind. it's easier to just copy the silent install files from the cd. :P

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