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Unlimited number of drivers + keeping the drivers.


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And this can be used to install missing NIC drivers for the setup program in RIS?

Let me be a bit more spesific...

When I run an image, I seem to be missing some NIC drivers and therefor I can get all the primary stuff done (IP, username input etc.) but it won't start the actuall installation of the OS.

This problem is solvable in other ways but it would seem that the method is simply to microsoft (read: Weird) for me to understand.....

This program and scripts could help me achive what I need much simpler but I do need to know if it gets loaded in before the setup begins so that the drivers can be used when "Detecting hardware" is shown...

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I made an xp install cd using nlite, ryanvm cab and driver packs. Everything works fine except when setup is installing devices the SetupcopyOEMInf.exe asks about 200 times for windows logo testing continue/don't install. What did I do wrong? How can I fix it? The first cd I made works fine but with a different version of xp than this one, though that shouldn't make any difference.

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