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  1. Wireless Network from Vista to XP

    If Vista is using\forcing the card to use 11G mode only while XP is using mixed mode (11G\B) then that would give a clear difference in speed.
  2. Stupid GUIRunOnce Question

    Hiya Did you try these? RunOnceEx from CD RunOnceEx Submitted by Alanoll
  3. Backup domain controler (2003)

    MY pleasure - remember to go trough every "update with other servers" button you can find, sucks if one crashes and the other DNS (for instance) has no idea whats going on because it always forwarded
  4. running RIS without DNS/AD

    As Cluberto says You MUST have AD, DNS and also DHCP.... no way around it =)
  5. freeware games sites?

    Not a abandonware site but the site of a very good remake. Remember Transport Tycoon DLX? Well here is OpenTTD Parts of it is still work in progress but it seems to be bug free and the new graphics, rules and Multiplayer options are excellent! There is a patch for the old TTD but I don't think it has been updated in years...
  6. Backup domain controler (2003)

    Having two DC's is always the best way to go As I'm writting this I'm doing the same thing in my LAB enviroment so I'll be able to give better answers when I've done some tests myself but I can answer your DC question right away. The DC's will always sync up against eachother within five minutes of a change, I'd guess that it also collects all info when it's made DC. As for your DHCP I don't think that you can name one primary, and another secondary... Well you can NAME them anything you want but DHCP servers are independent from eachother and if you have to identical scopes on two DHCPs then you will end up with duplicates. So you can either let them have different IP's within the same Subnetmask or you must name one of them a DHCP relay... The problem with the relay is ofcourse that it never actually does anything else but relay requests from clients and the offers from a server. The MCSE 70-293 book from MS recommends that if you have two DHCPs then you should split the scope 80:20 (one has 80% of the scope and the other has 20%) in case one goes down. If one is to be used as a backup for faults then I'd recommend a short lease period on the backups ip pool. Also, any permanent reservated IPs should be configure on both servers. I don't think you can have any of them wait to see if there is a responce from the other servers, perhaps a DC can outrank a memberserver but I doubt it... it might just be "First come, first serve" but I might also be wrong... Let us know how it went
  7. New LegitCheckControl.cab

    You know, I wish Bill would stop being such a...... welll.... anyho.... I wish they would stop making unattended so damned difficult..... or perhaps WE should pay since THEY did a poor job with the copy protection system.... I dunno.... but WGA and the validation stuff is really the latest kick in the face..... "Volume license does not require validation"....yeah tell that to RIS!
  8. I've been given the not so greatfull task of changing the names of some 600 computers in our domain. Instead of walking from office to office with a floppy containing a script, I want to let some scripts do the work instead. The problem is that my VB skills are next to 0 ATM and thats why I need some help! What I wish to accomplish: Collect the names of all exsisting computers and the name and group of the (last) user save it all in ONE text file (any format will do) Have the text file contain a "suggested" new name, something like usergroup-username-randomnumber Be able to run the same file in another (or same) script and use that file as an answer file for what the new names should be Have the changes be made localy and in AD I this possible? Can someone PLEEAASSSEEE help me? I REALLY don't want to make this long walkabout thx in adv.
  9. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    fascinating, Look forward to testing it!
  10. If you have tried to get drivers for your NIC and belive you have done everything right but it still fails to start the setup proccess after PXE has done it's bit. This might be your salvation After several weeks of stress, trying to figure out why my RIS server (running on 2003, deploying XP) stops and gives the famous "The selected image does not contain the required drivers" or what ever it says in english (remember, I use my own language ) Anyho, I read and read on how to get drivers for different cards, I did as the posts around here say and was convinced I just didn't do it right. But then I noticed a small note on MSFN where it suggested updating the drivers from Intel and Broadcom. I went to the respective sites and downloaded the drivers for Intel PRO 100+ and 1000+ and for Broadcom. I went back to my image catalog \reminst\setup\language\image\i386 and copied the updated drivers into this catalog, overwriting a 50kb files with a 152 kb file (among others) and VOILA! Then I just had to update the drivers\nic respective files for after UA textsetup and now it works beautifully....for now This short message is for your convenience and my JOY! ;D
  11. NIC, above all!

    Yes, I did And thats what is so about all of it! But maybe this is part of the NIC intel EXP f!ck up? The UA setup starts up and is about to start the installation when I get that "Image does not contain drivers for your NIC" message. it's all really If you could just explain two simple things, 1. what should I use when there are loads of different HW out there that need drivers 2.How do I get the drivers for that HW in so that UA setup will run, intel 1000pro has proven to be a b***h when I try install, it also gives that "no driver" message instead of starting the setup. SOLVED, Added a short post that explains the solution to my problem. NIC drivers for UA Textsetup
  12. NIC, above all!

    Thanks! I've already read that one, actually I have it stored on my laptop and I keep looking from that one to my server and back and fort and so forth. It's just that I can't seem to get the info I need...or rather I don't understand
  13. NIC, above all!

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for reading my litle problem. I presume that this has been answerd before, but I have the NIC driver problem : Now I have many different network cards etc. as I work in a municipal and there is a geographic situation which leads to people just buying machines and excepting us at IT to "handle it" So with all these machines, once in a while I can launch the EXP and get the IP etc all the way trough to when the installation begins. This is when the setup scans the hardware and decides that I don't have the drivers for the NIC. I've read a lot of places about how to do it but I have some questions on how to do this. First: Which method (RIS, SysPrep, Riprep ...) is best when there are a lot of hardware differences, I also want to include software and would rather not have to do installations after the OS is done. Second: Where do I place the drivers? Third: When I specify the location of the drivers, what is the limit of the length that can be placed and are subfolders inside subfolders insisde subfolders (etc.) scanned? example: (If i specify $1\drivers\003network\3Com will it find drivers onside $1\drivers\003network\3com\whatever\whatever) ? Finally: I saw some of you had grouped togheter and that I can download software which could do many auto things, do any of the relate to this? Any help would be helpfull as I am not yet employed (it's a Norwegian welfare thing) and want to impress the "Captain" so that he'll maybe hire me And I'm kinda short on time....
  14. And this can be used to install missing NIC drivers for the setup program in RIS? Let me be a bit more spesific... When I run an image, I seem to be missing some NIC drivers and therefor I can get all the primary stuff done (IP, username input etc.) but it won't start the actuall installation of the OS. This problem is solvable in other ways but it would seem that the method is simply to microsoft (read: Weird) for me to understand..... This program and scripts could help me achive what I need much simpler but I do need to know if it gets loaded in before the setup begins so that the drivers can be used when "Detecting hardware" is shown...