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Ms Office97 And Xpsp2


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I'm trying to install MS Office97 on XPSP2, but it doesn't work :no:

When clicking setup.exe I get an errormessage saying that setup.exe isn't a win32 executable.

This only happens with XPSP2 not with XPSP1.

Someone knows a solution or workaround, so I can install MS Office97?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, it makes me "feel" safer :D

I've read somewhere that removing a certain registrykey could solve my problem, but I couldn't find which key was meant.

I can't try the compatibility-mode, because I removed that with nLite.

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Office 97_on_XP:

Write down your Office 97 CD Key: _____-____________ and Product ID after instellation: ________-_______-____________-_________ To install the full version so that you don't have to put the CD in the drive to make changes: Follow this order:

1. Copy all files from CD to folder named "office97" (or something else) in C: (or another attached and formatted hard drive to keep more free C: space).

2. Download and Save “SR2b" for office 97 to the same folder.

3. Save a copy of these instructions in a text file for use without office.

4. Copy "Getting Results Book" folder from Office CD to the same place if you want to use it.

5. To solve installation problem on XP: “Htmlmarq.ocx was unable to register itself in the system registry”.

Solution: Read all instructions before proceeding!

Re: Office 97 does not install on XPSP2 system

In XP, run regedit and use the search function for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Then browse to this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\

You should see htmlmarq.ocx and htmlmm.ocx separate keys.

6. Rename them to something else, ie. htmlmarq.tmp and htmlmm.tmp. You will now be able to install Office 97, including the HTML option, without incident.

Do not use a MS virus eliminator (wrong name) or Office97 will have to be re-installed again! DISCLAIMER: I don't know what this section of the registery does or why these files were apparently blocked (intentionally or accidently), but this solution worked flawlessly for me.  Changing Htmlmarq.ocx and Htmlmm.ocx back to their original names does not affect the operation of Office 97 once it has been successfully installed.

7. Install Office 97 Professional (Office 97 SR-1) from your created folder!

CD Keys must be entered with keyboard, not copy and paste.

8. Select "Full Install" then de-select the things you don't want installed.

9. If you want it installed, Install Getting Results Book

10. Install Service Release “SR2b" and any other updates

11. To determine whether Office 97 SR-1 is properly installed on your computer, run the “Office 97 Version Checker”. (Look at the Help file in Word or Excel)

12. After full install you can delete most files from the created folder if you want to (do not delete these two FOLDERS! "Aamsstp", and "Books" (they are needed unless you want to put in the cd to operate the dictionary) or other parts you use such as “Getting Results Book, SR2b, other downloaded updates, and these instructions). You can do the deleting at a later time after everything is working! If unsure as to what you can delete, simply move it to another folder and make sure Office is working, then delete that folder later.


During the installation of Office 97, don't forget to enable the installation of all the optional converters included in the package, because some of them don't install by default (select custom installation to be able to do this). Please find below a list of the necessary patches to have a fully updated Office 97, AFAIK. The patches listed below refer to Word, Excel and PowerPoint only. If you decide to install also other Office programs besides these three, please refer to Office Online - Downloads for Office 97/98 (yes, it exists still!) to check whether some more patches are needed, just in case.

Service Packs: follow directions closely or errors may occurr.

SR-1 -> https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc723730.aspx

Product ID /CD key is needed for installation.

SR-2b ->https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc767936.aspx

search for the right web page if these links are not correct by searching for the Q#, etc.

Updates (see also Q248710):

Q163299 -> wd97au.exe

Q214652 -> Wd97mcrs.exe (requires SR-2b)

Q214757 -> fm2paste.exe (requires SR-2b)

Q215462 -> Wd97SP.EXE (requires SR-2b, install this one just after SR-2b)

Q222180 -> pf_setup.exe

Q222180 -> OFF97UIP.EXE (requires SR-2b)

Q238445 -> JetCopkg.exe (not needed for 2k, XP and newer OSes)

Q238918 -> cnfupd.exe

Q241873 -> OFFHLINK.exe

Q249881 -> WW5Pkg.exe (may not be needed...)

Q255606 -> xl8p9pkg.exe

Q256904 -> Wd97lyp.exe (requires SR-2b)Q269263 -> xl8p10pkg.exe

Q268477 and Q299368 -> ppt97sec.EXE (requires SR-2b)

Q273956 -> jetcu40.exe (not needed for 2k, XP and newer OSes)

Q274249 -> wdac97.exe (requires SR-2b)

Q830354 -> Office97-KB830354-ENU.exe (requires SR-2b)

Q830356 -> Office97-KB830356-ENU.exe (requires SR-2b)

Converters (install in this order):

1) ppmm.EXE


3) FileFormatConverters.exe

4) compatibilitypacksp1-kb940289-fullfile-en-us.exe

5) compatibilitypacksp2-kb953331-fullfile-en-us.exe

6) office2007-kb969613-fullfile-x86-glb.exe

7) office2007-kb969618-fullfile-x86-glb.exe

8) office2007-kb969679-fullfile-x86-glb.exe

9) office2007-972581-fullfile-x86-glb.exe

10) office2007-kb973704-fullfile-x86-glb.exe

Free Add-On:


And the subsequent updates to MS Office 2007 Compatibility Pack continued to work with Office 97, under Windows XP SP3, until recently.

Now there is an issue:

GIFIMP32.FLT v. 2003.1100.8327.0, from KB2289163 refuses to import GIFs for Office-97!

The work-around for it is to fall back to the previous version, which is:

GIFIMP32.FLT v. 2003.1100.8165.0, from KB921598, which is the last one known for sure to work with Office-97.

Both updates remain available from MS... However they do contain .msp files that 7z cannot open, but MsiX can (so the latest Universal Extractor also should).

Among the extracted contents of one of the .msp files there is one .cab file from which one can extract the sought-after GIFIMP32.FLT file.

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On 4/1/2005 at 3:44 AM, bucketbuster said:

I'm trying to install MS Office97 on XPSP2, but it doesn't work :no:

When clicking setup.exe I get an errormessage saying that setup.exe isn't a win32 executable.

This only happens with XPSP2 not with XPSP1.

Someone knows a solution or workaround, so I can install MS Office97?

Thanks in advance.

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