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Internal Setup Data Structures Are Corrupted


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Hi Everyone!

When I make an ISO file from my UA installation and then try it, the first part where the setup deals with the partitions and copies installation files is ok. The other part, where the setup starts installing WinXP stops almost immediately giving me this message (chech attached image).

I've tried creating a new Installation a couple of times as I thought that something was wrong with the files, obviously. That didn't help a thing. The only thing I have in my installation right now is the installation itself along with the winnt.sif file. Anyone?

EDIT: If I press Ok, the setup log shows me the same message.

Thanks in advance!



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Managed to fix it on my own. :) The problem was the winnt.sif file. I don't exactly know which part of winnt.sif that caused the error but I created a new winnt.sif and it worked.

Thx anyway.



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Hey Marthax, I have the same problem, I'll try to remove the winnt.sif file just to see if the installations runs better. I'll report soon.

EDIT: Here are the error pictures, so people can actually see what we are talking about:



Could you post your winnt.sif file please, so we can compare with ours?

Here's what's in my winnt.sif:

[GuiUnattended]DetachedProgram="%SystemRoot%\System32\cmd.exe /c @ECHO something>%SystemDrive%\XPPRO.TAG"
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This just happened to me.

The answer is - WINNT.SIF has to have at least the [Data] section.

I wanted setup to automatically put in my product key, but I did not

want the setup to be unattended - putting the product key in alone

does not work, you need the [Data] section too like so:



This way you can set everything up during install but you won't be asked

for a product key.

Whats useful about a non-unattended install is you still have the repair option.

The [unattended] section stops you having the repair option.

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