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Fan Reccomendation?

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Huyz to Guyz

I have a

P4 3.2Ghz

768 MB DDR 266Mhz frequency

one 80GB ATA Seagate HD

one 120GB ATA seagate HD

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 atlantis 256MB

Audigy 2 ZS

Sony DRU-530a DVD-RW

AOpen 52x24x52x CD-RW

56k modem

floppy drive

2 fans 1x 8cm other 4cm

just wanted to ask you if it is reccomended to use this configuration with a 230W power supply?

cos my old mobo was destroyed(not working) and i think its because of this.

if the power supply i have is not reccomended can you tell me which is recomended?

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OK, so you've got a fast processor with lots of memory, 2 hard drives, 2 burners, plus a video card that requires power all from 230W??!! Let me guess, you've got a couple of splitters that turn one molex (power) connector into two, right?

I don't think your computer is going to live much longer. You need a minimum of 350W, probably closer to 400. You can get one for $30 or less on special at an electronics store like Fry's, but the quality may be no better than what you have already. Personally, I have a setup similar to yours and I went with a 450W Enermax that cost the better part of $100. I have power connectors left over for future expansion and have never had a power problem.

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No way can you run all that on a 230watt!!! You should be looking at 450 as a bare minimum these days...trust me look on google for a wattage calculator,, theres a few out there

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agreed also...

just make sure you get a decent PSU like a Antec (hehe no i aint plugging it here hehe) or as mentioned a Enermax with a good rating of at least 400/450 - dont get a cheap one as it wont help your system at all.

And your dealer obviously doesnt know that much about power consumption so trusting his/her advice again regarding some things may be costly.

Make sure you research what you're after before you buy - i know its a pain and more time-consuming - but you're more likely to get a happier system if you do. There are tons of good review sites on the internet and try and check more than one before you decide on anything.

Good luck.


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