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Integration Of Sp2 Problem (slipstream Problem)

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Hi, I'm brand new at this whole integration thing, so bare with me. I've copied the contents of my Windows XP Professional CD to my hard drive. This is a Dell OEM CD with no service packs already integrated. That part went fine. Now I am at the process of trying to integrate SP2. I've downloaded the network install with filename: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe. Using Nlite (latest beta available), I select the service pack file. It extracts fine, but when it begins to integrate, I get the following message: "This Service Pack cannot be integrated into a destination that also has integrated Software Updates. Consult the Serivce Pack documentation for more details about supported integration scenarios." And then it stops. Any ideas anyone? Help would be appreciated!


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well i think your cd allready has slipstreamed some updates which is giving the conflict. so u can post your problem at msfn nlite forum

or try to use autostreamer.

ps i think will not work at all.

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