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Is there a way to specify conditional execution of items in XPlode? The docs don't make any mention of it, and there really isn't a alot of forum posts on the subject either.

I'm thinking something like this:


I really don't care what form the conditional is in, but it would be nice to have this functionality as it currently seems there is no way to do this.

Other keywords to use would be ENV for environment and FILE for file that would take on the following forms:



The ENV keyword would test if an evnironment variable was equal to some value and the FILE keyword would test if a file existed or if the file had the specified line using something similar to a grep function.

That's my request anyways. I'm not above writing this code myself, I can to it, but it will take me awhile to analyze your source and determine where to add the additional keywords and their actions.

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I've been buggin Wraith about them since Xplode .8 or so. I've been working with him for a couple ways to implement them as well as pointing him at the WIHU conditions for examples as they're pretty powerful on their own.

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Like I said, I can write the extensions if need be. But I need the source code to do it. What I plan on doing is using WIHU at the T-12 stage to setup what is to be installed, and using conditionals in XPlode to check what is and is not to be installed.

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