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I have a couple of 200gb Maxtor Diamondmax 10 SATA drives set up as Raid 1 (mirrored).

My PC is a ASUS AV7N-E Deluxe MB, XP3200+ Barton, 1gb ram pc3200 in dual channel mode. I also have a ATA133 Maxtor 120gb HD and a 40gb.

The OS is Win XPSP2, newly installed.

I ran a program called HDTach, and it stated that the burst speed for the Sata raid is 114mb/s....... when I always thought Sata was 150mb/s I tested the 120 gb and it came back with 121mb/s!!!!

Now for the question, why would the ATA drive be faster than the SATA? my initial thoughts are it is because the SATA is mirroring the data?? but I dont know.

Can any one enlighten me?

Also is there any software that can tweak the speed of the harddrives ?

Thanks in advance.

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