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Created Installers.


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I am working on making some install packages for commonly used programs that do not have installers.

These also support the silent switch of /VERYSILENT

Here is Resource Hacker:


Here is the Universal Silent Switch Finder v1. (Now recognizes .MSI files!)




Foxit PDF Reader:








Boot Editor: (After installation click booteditor.cmd to regiser the dlls needed.)

Boot Editor.exe

LogonUI and Boot randomizer: (After installation click landb.cmd to regiser the dlls needed.)

LogonUi and Boot randomizer.exe



Media Player Classic:

Media Player Classic.exe

Highjack This:


Sorry for it being on rapidshare.

Does anyone know of other free options for file hosting?

I do take requests for packages.

The Icon:


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What does the Foxit PDF reader installer do?

I use this reader, I have it included in 1 7zip file wich extracts almost all programs without installer/modified files (this works really fast since extracting 1 thing is faster than extracting several small). With regtweaks I have PDF associated with Foxit.

I used Regshot to find the regtweaks... not sure if I need all of them... perhaps your installer does the same with less regtweaks?

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The installer is fully functional it puts the start menu shortcut and creates uninstall entries. and all you have to call it silently is use the /VERYSILENT switch. I am not sure if it auto associates the pdf files or not. I don't personally use it but i am checkin it out now.

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