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Add Firefox To "opens With" List.


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I have Firefox 1.01 installed, the OS is Win. XP Home Edit. SP2.

However, Firefox does not appear on the "Opens With" list and using the "Browse" feature to select the desired application does not effect the required change.

On my other computer after installing Firefox it automatically appeared on the "Opens With" list.

Is there a way I can manually add Firefox to the list, or, somehow else overcome this problem?

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Thank you for the suggestion, but I have already done so.

However this is very much a "second best" solution - not at all convenient when I desire .html and .htm files to always open with Firefox.

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To have them always open hold the right shift key and right-click on a .html file. Select open with and always open with this program. That should do it. It thought you wanted the option to use firefox if you needed but not all the time. Onve you browse and find the executable then you select it from the list. You must add the .exe first then select it from the list.


oops this only works in 98 I think. Open with is always there in XP & 2K.

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Here is an example reg file, change the file extension you need and the MRUList entry accordingly. Or simply go to the relevant registry key and change /edit to suit.






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I have since learned the registry key


with value data

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "%1"

[inverted commas included]

needs to be present for Firefox to appear in the "Opens With" list.

The key was present but, for whatever reason, did not have the value data set.

Adding "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "%1" to value data has fixed the problem.

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I don't know if this will be of help but there is some freeware from Babbex called "openexpert 1.40" that puts a customizable right click context menu choice that if say you wanted to open an html file with something other than the default and you can add other browsers, text editors etc. and they would all be available to be availbe for your choice like the send to menu but only for that one file type. If you wanted to open a doc file with something other than word the html choices wouldn't appear unless you set them up to. I've used this proggie for about four years and it's just great.


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