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Install Hotfixes In Cmdline Or Runonceex?

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KB890830 isn't really a hotfix. It is a self-extracting cab-file that runs the program inside, and than writes a value to the registry.

Normal post SP2 hotfixes do work fine with the intergrade command.

KB890830 uses /q command or you can just import the registry value

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Sorry for the off-topic stuff :)

I can just think of one advantage, I only don't know if I am correct with this.

Some windows updates ask to reboot, right? now if you use qfecheck before you reboot, it says that the hotfix isn't properly installed.

Maybe it is better for the stability of your system to first reboot, and than install applications.

If you do it during cmdline.txt (or with svcpack.inf) you will have that reboot when T-0

Well, this is the only advantage that I can think of, I really don't know this for sure, it is just a hunch :P

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Just to note, I have had troubles trying to install certain applications during the T-12 using cmdlines.txt (such as WMP10). That said, there might be an issue with trying to add hotfixes in this manner...


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