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I Need Help!


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I am having problems to call xplode, I mounted the folders of this form:


My cmdlines.txt:


"..\XPlode\XPlode.exe /xml:"#XPLODE#\GFXInstall.xml" /log:""%systemdrive%"\XPlode.log""

My apps.xml:

   <display plugin=#XPLODE#’\XPlodeOriginalInstall.x4d’>
     <show total=’6’ after=’4’ subcount=’true’ />
     <font face=’Tahoma’ antialias=’true’ small=’8’ large=’13’ />
        <window width=’340’ position=’8’ fixmain=’0’ />
         <windowmode mode=’GuiRedraw’ border=’false’ />
           <header back=’#003399’ fore=’#FFFFFF’ image=’%XPLODE%“images“head.png’ />
           <footer back=’#003399’ fore=’#FFFFFF’ image=’%XPLODE%“images“foot.png’ />
           <progress border=’#000000’ back=’#FFFFFF’ fore=’#008800’ fore2=’#00AA00’ />
           <main back=’#6699FF’ fore=’#FFFFFF’ current=’#FFFF00’ description=’#FFFFFF’
            image=’%XPLODE%“images“main.png’ overlay=’#FFFFFF22’ />

    <item display='Adobe Acrobat 6 Pro'>
    <execute display='Installing Adobe Acrobat 6 Pro...'
    arguments='/QR' />

    <item display='Nero 6 Ultra Edition'>
    <execute displey='installing Nero...'
    program='%CD%\SOFTWARE\NERO\nero63120.exe' arguments='/silent          
    /noreboot /sn=******* /write_sn' />

    <item display='Skype 1.0'>
    <execute displey=installing skype 1.0...
    program='%CD%\sofware\SKYPE\SkypeSetup.exe arguments=/s>

    <item display='MSN Messenger 7.0'>
    <execute display=installing MSN Messenger 7.0
    program='%CD%\software\MSNMSGS\MSN70.exe /QB>

     <item display='Windows Media Player 10 '>
     <execute display=installing Windows Media Player 10
     program='%CD%\software\WMPLAYER\WMP10.exe /q:A /c:"setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N              /DisallowSystemRestore">

     <item display='firefox 1.0'>
     <execute display=installing firefox 1.0

Now, how to call xplode?

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