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Dumb Question

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please forgive my dumb question, I´m unlearned..

how can I edit the boot.ini file? even when I disabled the writeprotection, winxp doesn`t let me change it!

And in the safemod I can`t find it anymore, why is this so ?

Can anyone help a newb?

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the boot.ini is not hidden for me!

cause I have enabled view hidden files in the explorer options,

it`s just I`ve said I can`t see the boot.ini when I`m in the safemod

(=abgesicherter Modus)

If I have boot normal and I´m allowed to see the boot ini, I can`t edit it.

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The setting you used allows you to SEE a hidden file, you must remove the READ-ONLY attribute

Right click -> Properties ->



and edit it with Notepad


use a boot.ini editor:


or DO (in a DOS box)


edit it




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