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Where is XPlode.xml?


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I downloaded Xplode and ran. This is what I see in the log file -

>>> Log session start at: 2005/03/07 09:17:43


Adding environment variables

#XPLODE# = 'C:\Downloads\Xplode'

#SOURCEPATH# = 'D:\I386'


#VERSION# = 'XPlode 4.00'


Error reading file: C:\Downloads\Xplode\XPlode.xml

>>> Log session end at: 2005/03/07 09:17:43

When extracted the exe there is no XPlode.xml in the folder. Where do I get this file from?

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Why post in the sticky?

There is an entire forum for XPlode....

There is no xplode.xml simply because you have to create it. There ARE included sample XMLs in the release, that you could just rename to XPlode.xml and all will be fine.

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