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Tokens And Child Processes


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Hi guys!!

I'm migrating from xplode 1.1.2 to xplode 4.1... Everything is working fine for me except tokens...

what was working very well with xplode 1.1.2:

<item Display='Enregistrement Alcohol 120'>

<execute display='Enregistrement de Alcohol 120 pour User...'







isn't with with xplode 4.1:


<token username="User" password="******" />



<execute display="Enregistrement de Alcohol 120 pour User" token=”User”>






This is an autoit script calling alcohol 120% to run then enter registration informations...

Program is running but the registration process doesn't show so it means the program isn't running under the "run-as" user account (because allready registered for current user)

I've done several tests, decomposing the script etc but unsuccessfull and I don't understand why it doesn't work...

Does someone have any clue? (syntax error or something like this)

Thx in advance

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Task manager will report the current user as the owner of the process, not the token.

If you try copying files, you'll find that the file permissions on the files end up being the ones of the token you use, so tokens do work.

All I did was change the way I was using them.

Can you paste the log entry of where it tries to execute it, including the token entries?

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