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Ie In Quicklaunch And Loss Of Right-click 'new>txt


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I am trying to make firefox the primary browser for my unattended cd. I've been trying to remove the shortcut to IE from the quicklaunch toolbar, but no luck. I always have to remove manually after first boot... any sugguestions? I delete the shortcut in my cleanup.cmd, but its there anyway after it runs. I have to run it a 2nd time (manually) for it to actually get it.

Also, i guess as a consequence of the stuff i've removed with nlite, i've lost the right-click ability to create a new .txt file. Can i get that back? and how can i remove New->Wav sound and New->.bmp file. these seem pretty freaking worthless.


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Look in Simonsays Unattended firefox for how to make FF your default browser.

Search around for a thread in regards to internet explorer and outlook express icons not deleting from the start menu.. the solution to that problem is the same... the IE shortcut is created at the time the desktop is drawn- after your cleanup.cmd runs, so youre going to need to create a batch file which removes it and place it in your startup folder in your start menu if you want to remove this.

As far as losing right click, Ive had a similiar issue with this where I couldnt right click and explore anything in the start menu.. Id say go back through and be a bit more liberal with nlite... in other words.. dont take as much crap out.

finally.. to remove right click new wav, new bmp, etc... look in the reg tweaks thread... its covered in there.

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