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Xplode In Bartrs Pe.


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I was thinking of another use for xplode and wanted to ask if it would be ok. I wanted a little program that would act as a startup for the shell under barts pe. Right now for me it's all being done by cmd files and I thought that xplode might make a nice little graphical kind of progress bar front end for it all.

Wrath is this ok with you or would you prefer it not to be used in this way?

Does xplode require .net to be installed? Of course if I want to use the new render method it does require that I have ie in my install but does the original render method require this?

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I have no problems using it in whatever way people wish, as long as they abide by the license agreement.

There's nothing saying that it's limited to windows installations - I have a display plugin that I use which creates a tray icon, and allows me to launch certain apps from the XML. This gets run whenever I start windows, so it's definitely not limited to installation.

As for .NET framework, XPlode is completely independent of it. I find that .NET is slow and bulky, and while it may be quick and easy to code with, I feel that performance suffers. So XPlode is pure Win32 + WTL. The only external dependencies are IE within the XPlodeSelectInstall plugin, and GDI+ for Original and GFX installs.

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thanks wraith. Yes I remember you mentioning that you used it to launch apps at windows startup. Which would be very usefull also.

Thanks for your answer There is a plugin for barts pe that adds .net but I was trying to avoid it as I think of it more as a bunch of bloat that serving nay real purpose. So I'm glad your app does not use it.

Thanks for the responce.

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