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Ntfs "private" Folder


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Hello folks,

I'm trying to recover data off a SATA hard drive that's in really bad shape. I can access pretty much everything with the exception of a few corrupted files, but I cannot access Documents and Settings\Username and whatnot, since I don't have permission. I have the hard drive pulled out of its original computer and residing in my own. Is there any way to bypass this security mechanism such that I can access and retrieve those files off of the hard drive?

The other possibility is that somehow the folder is corrupt and that's why I cannot access it. I doubt that possibility though, since I am able to open up every other folder on the hard drive.

Please help? A realtor's practice and income depends on me getting her up and running ASAP!

Thank you,


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Can you boot Windows from the drive in the system it came from? If so, than boot the drive in the system, get into the user's profile you can't access, then go to windows Explorer--> c:\documents and settings\ and right click on the user's profile directory, select properties, and under the sharing tab theres an option like "Make My Files Private", or something like that, you should be able to figure it out.

If you cant boot into the windows instalation on that drive, than you need to use a PE Disk to change the permissions and give "Everyone" access the that folder. The site for Pe Builder (To make a PE Disk) is http://www.nu2.nu/ , that should get you started on creating a PE Disk

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