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Problem With Gateway Pc's


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My company just ordered 250 gateway pc's, and i'm having problems getting my build to work ( it works fine on all of Dell pc's)

I boot from the PE cd and am able to establish network connectivity, but diskpart will not clean the drive of the Gateway stuff without using partition magic first (tells me drive is in use). once i get the disk cleaned and formatted and attempt to copy file about 20% through I get an error trying to copy a file.

why am i having so many problems with Gateway

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It has been a while, but we have had similar issues with using scripted diskpart on some systems, mostly older systems, where diskpart would hang when trying to clean the drive. Basically if we ran diskpart manually this problem would not occur and the setup would go on with no issues. Luckly we did away with the older systems and other than virtualPC I have not had this issue again. Never did find out what was wrong.

While the above is not really helpful, it does lead into my questions, have you tried running DiskPart Manually? Is there a hidden partition on the HD? What Brand HD are installed in the Gateways? What controller is used?

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was able to fix the problem. I had to use the Western digital utillity disk to remove the 3gig partition.

now the build works fine I just didn't want to have extra steps for our builders.

here is the response I got from Gateway:

"Thank you for using Gateway's Online E-mail Support. Regarding your issue with your computer. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer support for this type of issue. "

Thanks for the help and comments, these forums have been very helpfull

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