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Media Center Vs Xp Pro (need Help On Heatsink Too)


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media center is designed to be a home theater operating system. if you buy a system with it pre-installed, it comes with a remote to navigate, and basically acts like a beefed up tivo. It records tv, allows you to hook up to your home network (if you have one) to play videos, look at photos, play mp3s etc...

try this on for size


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but...doesnt an ATI card alreayd support most of the functions of Media Center? the newer ati AIW cards like the X800 XL AIW have remotes too. and they perform PVR and such. i would have thought having an ATI card would make the purchase of media center stupid, and...redundant.

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if you are going to be using a pentium 4 and plan on overclocking at all

get the big typhoon, it is the best cooler on the market right now, even beats that new zalman thing and the xp120 or xpc-90

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