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Flashget V1.65


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From Flasget help...

If destination file exists

When downloading, you might find yourself downloading two different files with the same file name. Here you can choose whether FlashGet should Overwrite, Auto Rename or Stop the download.

I have this option set to 'Auto Rename' but if ever I try to download an updated version of a prog that has the same filename as a previous version, already download with Flashget, I'm always presented with this dialog...


... and no matter which option I choose, the original file awlays gets overwritten.

Even if I rename the download here...


... the new dowload is renamed but still overwrites the original.

Has anyone else seen this behavior and have a fix for it, or does anyone know for which previous version of Flashget this works?


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i've never ever seen such a thing, i'm using flashget since v .3. my files never got overwritten, simple (1) is appended...and i didn't mess with that rename option, so its using the defaults...

Yes... this is how it used to work for me but I've made so many changes recently that I'm not sure how to wind back. I'm wondering if it may be because I'm using Firefox and the 'Flashgot' extension. :unsure:

Oh well... maybe I'll start by winding Flashget back a few versions.

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