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Thanks, Spheris! What did you think of that job I did bringing home some trophies to Beantown. Jeeez, sometimes it seems like a guy has to do everything himself! I think my next task may be to give Paul Allen some pointers for those Sea Hawks!

I'm trying to be good ... Look forward to your impressions soon!

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I thought both trophies were loooooooong overdue. ;)

new year, though - could get better, there is still hockey to conquer

make my mailing list address realitymedia@msn.com (yeah, they shuffled us around departments again but some fairly cool stuff to tell you about when we get time)

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Gotta bump this ...

Didn't anyone notice that The Sox and The Pats are defending champions, The GreenMachine (a.k.a The Celtics) is in first place, and The Bruins are undefeated?

What a time to be a Bostonian!

@Spheris: Been busy trying to get a members only Web Site going, chasing the few potential customers, and working on a few other, unrelated projects. I'll try to catch upi with you next week, by mail or chat.

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