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w2k3 connection problems


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Hi !

I have a problem with my Internet connection on my w2k3 server (web edition). The connection vary with the output for internet, I don't have any problem with my intranet connections but with internet is very inconsistence. This server used to have installed win XP Pro and it didn't have any problem, but with w2k3 server my connection failed constantly. I have minorize this problem just to refreshing the page I want to navigate trough and the computer makes the connection (as faster as has to be).

I would like to know any explication for this... !

Thanx a lot !

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Well if you go online w/ clinet computer over that server, then you have to configure routing and remote access and configure it as router ... this is becasue you've mentioned that you have no problems w/ accessing the intranet ... so I assume the server has 2 NICs, 1 for intranet another for Internet ... if I'm wrong, please just dieeregard my post :)

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