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Is there an "Idiots Guide" to get started


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I am a newb to Xplode and not knowing XML I am afraid to start because I don't know where too. I have had a look at the doc.pdf and this is a great Language reference and will be of great assistance once I get up and going.

So to rephrase, Where the hell do I start?

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That's good and I have read through them and there is enough there to get me started, but...

What about using Xplode itself, once I have written the XML file what do I do with it. Where do I put it, how do I start it, these sort of basic questions.

I know these questions may seem trivial and if they are documented somewhere please tell me to pull my head in and read ... Otherwise I would love some help.

Oh yeah and thanks for the quick reply Wraith :)

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