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Problems? Read This!


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Here's what you do when you have a problem:

  • Search the bloody forum first. Please, please, please search.
  • Read the documentation. EVERYTHING is explained in the included PDF.
  • Make a logfile. I see people complaining that things don't work, yet they don't even create a logfile to get the smallest clue as to why. XPlode.exe /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\XPlode.log"
  • READ the logfile. Go to the place where it's going wrong and look WHY.
  • If it's a problem where an application isn't running properly, check the logfile for any clue why it isn't. Check the validity of the program's arguments. Problems of this type are almost ALWAYS user error.
  • If these STILL don't answer your question, THEN post.
  • When posting a problem, be as descriptive as is humanly possible, preferably zip up your XML and your logfile, and attach it to the post. Do NOT leave serial numbers in.

If people don't follow these, I will close your topics.

If there is anyone who wishes to add anything, post below.

Have a nice day!



Read the **** agreement like you were asked! Any topic posted regarding an inability to extract XPlode WILL be closed as soon as it is seen.

Moderators: If they haven't been closed already, please close such topics, preferably directing them to this topic.

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