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Sorry I 'm not much on Mac like I used to be back when I played KidPix on them....

For the PC I use Multiproxy and "NoTrax". But unfortunately they don't work for Mac. :}

But Symantec offers some software for Mac. I don't believe it is Anonymous... Could try Enterprise/Corp Edition.


Here are some other utilities:

Java Anonymous Proxy X 1.037

Useful Proxy Info:

Try Posting on a Mac Forum:


Hope this helps. :thumbup

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post in the correct section please...

Moving this topic to Networks/internet security section.

As for anon proxy, its server-based, and requires PHP on the server. Whether its mac/x86 makes no difference. (Or am I missing something here?)

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he he he sorry, I had too :)

While Macs can sometimes be useful, possibly, there are a little limited in that type of software. I would recomend buying a modem or router with a built-in proxy and firewall. Or alternativly you could wipe you standard OS and put on linux, there are several distributions that have very solid networking tools in them.

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