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Adding Mass Storage Drivers to PE?


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hi, nice guide! but when i tried it i got an error booting on my cd...
The file aec68x5.sys could not be found

Press any key to continue.

Had similar - just went through the txtsetup.sif and take out any mention of that file; or find it somewhere and add it to the drivers directory.

Great guide - sorted out a big problem for me.... Thanks a lot, both for the guide and the megapacks... Much appreciated.

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So will this also work for integrating these mass storage drivers into an existing windows xp install CD?

That way windows setup will have all these drivers available during installation without having to put in the txtsetup.oem floppy during setup.


this is exactly how driver pack mass-storage works :)

Then what's the counter part file of winpeoem.sif in the XP Install CD? Should I add the entry to txtsetup.sif ?

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