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  1. I did similar to this with the latest Microsoft ramdrv.sys file... works ok for me.
  2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Had similar - just went through the txtsetup.sif and take out any mention of that file; or find it somewhere and add it to the drivers directory. Great guide - sorted out a big problem for me.... Thanks a lot, both for the guide and the megapacks... Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Jazkal, Would be greatly appreciated if you could post if you get anything.. Cheers, Jamie.
  4. Thanks for the reply.. I was aware of the major things they have added such as Ram disk booting, x64 etc. Could you expand more on the other things - such as checks on files etc. that could change the way in which the winpeshl.exe is found/exeuted and what that depends on... Many Thanks, Jamie.
  5. Hello there, Using the pre 2003 SP1 version of winpe I was able to use a custom winpeshl.exe to boot the machine and run certain different apps (so dos boxes didn't appear etc.) .. However, since upgrading to the new version of WINPE included with Server 2003 SP1 the shell does not work. It continually returns LSASS errors ("The requested operation was unsusccessful" and the like) and reboots the machine. Does anyone know what has changed between versions that cuases this to happen? Or any pointers towards what I need to do to get it working again? Many thanks, Jamie.
  6. Good work - thanks for the info
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply, saw that link earlier; is there any way to extrapolate the information in the plugin and use it in a normal PE installtion (without using BartPE or PEbuilder) Thanks Again, Jamie.
  8. Hello there, I have been using WinPE for a while and running VB6 Apps within it; however, all the stuff i am doing now is written in .net apps. Does anyone have a definitive guide to getting these working within PE. I know there is a plugin for PE builder but I would prefer to get it working in PE. I have looked at the other posts on the board concerning this but have found no definitive answer. Cheers, Jamie.

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