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Large Icon View in Classic Control Panel..How?

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You mean Category View? ;) This is enabled by default, so if it's not enabled anymore, you did something wrong :P However, here is the tweak to enable it:


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Hello, used the search and found exactely what I want.

Well, not the answer but the same doubt, which is a begining :) .

i have used Regshot to detect the applied changes from any view to large icons, which is the view I want, but the program says there are no changes.

So I don't know what else to do and ask the same thing as jbarnes007:

How do I get "Large Icon" view in control panel via regtweak?


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This is what I use, and I think it's what you're after:

; --- - - Sets classic control panel

Edit: But, does it show large icons I ponder?

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