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An unattended performance question...

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After slipstreaming SP2 into my original XP Pro cd and adding the same programs and drivers as I added to my "old unattended cd" I formatted and installed - everything worked just great :thumbup

But the machine really feels slower now :realmad:

Any suggestions ladies and gentlemen?

Hugs and kisses from a coooold Sweden.

/ SwedenXP :blink:

ps. I do not use the MS firewall :rolleyes:

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use nlite :D best speed tweak around is to remove sh1t u dont use :D

then, i suggest u use ccleaner to clean the junk out :D usually it can remove about 100MB or so of logfiles & stuff from an unattended install :P for me atleast

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Dear Mr MCT - thanx fro Your good advices...

But I have managed quite allright without NLite before. I really belive it´s a wonderfol tool.

The question is; Is the performance of a XP Pro SP2 worse than XP Pro SP1 + all updates? :w00t:

The cleaning out of 100´s of MB sounds good, but I have no HD space problems...

/ SwedenXP :whistle:

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space isnt what im talking about either, ive got lots of room, but like most ppl, i would rather have pr0n taking up room then .log files :P

SP2 contains ALOT of extra junk IMO, & u can easily remove it with nlite, thats why i suggested it :P i get better performance with sp2 , more stable core & dont need 2 have 30 updates installed , but maybe thats just me :)

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