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wireless router antenna extensions

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hmmm heres the problem. me and my brother used to be on a lan using a wireless router but it kept getting dropouts coz our comps where too far. now we dont even use it no more coz the dropouts where a real p*** off and we just couldnt take it anymore. i was wondering if we could use an antenna extension? we have a <a href = "http://www.netgear.com/products/details/WGT634U.php">108 netgear wireless media router wgt634u.</a> ive seen quite a few antenna extension cables around but wasnt sure if it would work on our router or not. would any type of antenna extension cable work? or do i have to use one thats specially made for netgear's wgt634u? it be great if someone could give a link to pics/info of then cable too please

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108Mbps wireless routers are really meant for streaming media across a network... And I HIGHLY doubt that you would have a 108Mbps internet connection. I was discussing this with two of my friends yesterday. If you do indeed end up buying this kind of router, I believe it comes with 54Mbps enabled and 108Mbps... It is better to leave it this way.

As for the type of Antenna Extension, there are a number of antennas for different routers... But in the end, you're better off buying another router to fill in the blind spots (like I did) since the antennas are the same price! ;)

I suggest the WRT54G router... You can put hacked firmware on it so you can Telnet into it, raise your antenna strength, and other sweet stuff! :D

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