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Custom Boot.ini Entries - Help!

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I have three partitions spread over one RAID0 volume and one non-raid. Use of nLite and other softwares requires frequent installations of Windows XP Pro (legal) much too frequently. My problem (also may be of all others who carry the same procedure) is that Windows intallation gives a typical entry in the boot.ini file "Microsoft Windows XP Professional". So at times while booting it becomes difficult to recognise which windows to boot to as there might be three or more entries with a same name.

Can someone help me to create a batch file or other method which reads the disk label and appends it in Microsoft Windows XP Professional" entry of boot.ini so only after seeing the entries one can boot in the required partition.

I only have basic bat file knowledge and what I am presently following is to add a custom boot.ini file with three entries for each partition, backing the original boot.ini and replacing the new boot.ini with a stored boot.ini at first boot using runonceex.cmd. But it certainly doesn't help fully because the default entry remains the one which is in the stored file.


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