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Urgent: My network is killing me.


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what exactly is running on ur networked pcs or pc?? eg software, hardware, how many pcs

but it seems somethin's goin on to make it use so much of cpu and lan.. it could be a virus.. it happened to me like that.. i had to format and re-install xp.. :)

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All the basic windows xp stuff--

Norton System Work




MSN 5 << Just installed

Adware << Just installed

SPyware <<Just installed

Trojan Remover << Just installed

^^ just installed those to see who is snooping into my computer but nothing found. :)

Network with 3 computers 1 laptop and 1 server hub.

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well.. looking on your pc specs.. its should totally be running fast as.. though the latest msn5 does actually drag alot of system resources... and i think its got to do with microsoft havin' spyware.. the customer service tab on msn.. it says if u want to join.. well .. i was having a look and i deselected it and it still actually is grabbing details.. (of topic sorry)

i'm fearin that your network may have a virus, trojan. or someones hopped on ur network.. :)

try netstat in ur command prompt.. have a look if theres a foriegn adress u should or haven't seen before

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Guest rwalker

--just a thought....what is running under the processess tab, sort by memeory usage...what is using the most.

as an aside, is there any peer to peer file sharing happening on these pc's? :)

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Ok I think I figured out why its rigged up all my resources and networking. My 'ad-aware' some how is a trojan, but symantec norton didn't even detected. Secondly, ON was mapped to every single HDs and all networks HDs without even any of my knowledge. My output upload was over 203kbs consistantly. (no more free leeching). I have removed them both. Everything is back to normal now.

Thanks for all your help. *Doggie, LS_Dragons, rwalker.

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About viruses> Norton Systemworks 2003 Professional didn't detect my viruses...

Norton Antivirus Corporate 2003 Professional found loads of em, so, get a corp. client... :)

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