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WPI-Related | How linking it?


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Hi this is not strictly linked with WPI but it's related in some way...

I have wpi running during unattended installation and it works fine, ok

but i also use my unattended cd with wpi to install apps only.

i'd like an elegant way to manually launch wpi

now i have a .cmd script in CD root that works fine but it's not nice cause i can see black dos windows before wpi runs. i'm not been able to change it icon too.

can you suggest some other way to have a link in root?



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Give this a shot:

Create a text file called loadwpi.vbs, and drop this inside:

Set Shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Modify it so that it points to the relitive path of wpi.hta, and tell me how it works.

As for making a cd-rom installer, I've been toying with a new HTA file designed for autoruns, mainly for Masters of Orion 2 (so I can have a full and partial install option, heh), but if you like, I can try to hack the rest together, and maybe let it take precidence over the default Windows XP autorun...

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Hi sonica. In version 3.3.5 there's a small utility included. It will hide the command-window. Name is cmdow. See the packaged wpi.cmd-file for its usage. The utility is located in <WPIpath>\common.

Note: the command window would still pop up for a short time, but then it will be hidden.

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Thanks for suggestion.

I choosed to use AutoIT3 to write a script for launching wpi.

I have been able in this way to compile it as a regular .exe, giving it an icon, not to display any dos window and Norton Antivirus let me run it without any problem.

In my opinion it looks like more professional.

I haven't included fonts copying function because i don't need it and because i had some problem to understand dos syntax, however i guess it's not so hard convert it to AutoIt.

this is the script if you need it

$path = "\$OEM$\Install\wpi\WPI.hta";My wpi.hta is in %CDROM%\$OEM$\Install\wpi\WPI.hta. Put a backslash at the beginning.

; 4294967295 is decimal for ffffffff
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Styles", "MaxScriptStatements", "REG_DWORD", 4294967295)

$var = StringLeft ( @ScriptDir, 2 )
$var = $var & $path
$var = @SystemDir & "\mshta.exe " & $var




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