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What is the difference between Win98 & WIn98 SE?

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Can anyone tell me the differences between Windows 98 & Windows 98 SE? Is the performance better?

My computer runs great. I am not upgrading because I am having computer problems, I am doing it because I just happened to run across an excellent connection (& dirt cheap) for upgrades. My computer doesn't have enough memory for XP, and my computer guy says ME is basically just a pretty 98, so I chose to switch to SE. Before I do that, I was wanting to know what the difference is?


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as far as the interface goes its pretty much identical. 98 includes Internet Explorer 4 integrated. Whereas 98se has Internet Explorer 5. 98 dislikes the whole year 2000 thing apparantly. there are 2x updates to fix this i believe. 98 also doesnt allow you to right click in the start menu, where 98se does...just a few minor differences like that. i could be wrong, but i have a feeling that 98 has very limited support for WDM drivers. ive always been a user of 98se, ive only fixed systems running 98.

i would say that 98se is a more stabler platform than 98, as well as much more secure. when going to 98se, i highly suggest u upgrade to Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and run windows update.

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Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) was released to fix bugs and acted as a small incremental update to Windows 98. It gave users enhanced hardware compatibility and Internet features. Windows 98 SE included Internet Explorer 5 and Microsoft Windows NetMeeting version 3.0 conferencing software. It also included DirectX 6.1, which introduced Internet connection sharing (ICS) to and a variety of Windows multimedia improvements.

In the area of updates Win98 SE included all the latest updates for Windows 98 including Year 2000 updates, & USB. In the area of software Win98 SE updated versions of Internet Explorer, outlook express, windows media player, DirectX, and NetMeeting. In the area of Drivers & Support - Additional support for latest technology such as MMX, USB, & Pentium III where added.

Information taken from:



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Thanks very much for the replies. I have not done the upgrade, but have had the software for several days and will probably do it this evening. I did have Windows ME once when I purchased a new Gateway it was installed on it. I didn't like the Gateway, so I sold it and bought a 2 yr old HP Pavillion that has Windows 98 on it. My computer guy offered me a system upgrade to any version I wanted, but like I said before, my computer doesn't have enough memory for XP, and he recommended SE if anything. .

So, once again, thanks for the help all.


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