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A question for Hasi

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I hv a question

I hv wpi and my software folder on a cd, with a autorun.inf

I hv my prepare.exe and cleanup.exe set as forced.

My problem is if i put the cdrom in the drive and they just want to take a look and

decide not to install anything. When they click X or exit

prepare and cleanup will still automatically install.

What should i do?

Before they start to install any software it is a MUST prepare.exe be launch

since it activates registry tweaks

And of course cleanup when everything is done.

But I want it, if - they dont install anything they can exit without hving anything


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Cant you set it up so that if anything is checked then prepare and cleanup will automaticly be checked ?

I know that any users could uncheck them.

And perhaps Hasi could add a 3 option to the forced category - forced if anything is checked ?

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you're right. this 'force' and 'really force' are really hard to understand and could mess up things. in one of the nextversions, i'll be doing the following:

* add a property 'force on install anything' to force a program's installation, if any other program is installed

* try to make 'forced' programs un-uncheckable

* get rid of that 'ReallyForce' option - does anyone need that ? Shouldn't "Exit" really just exit and install nothing ?

a further step would be to check the relationship between 'force', 'force on install anything', exclusions and dependencies - but that's a complicated thing to do.

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i actually was opposed to the whole "reallyforce" idea when it came up way back when. I also agree "exit" should mean just that - EXIT - NOT install.

'force on install anything' = 'force installation if anything is checked'? just to clarify.

future ideas you have sound good though

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